In 2016, Google needed a way to launch its first-ever mobile phone. The announcement had to be big, but it also had to work across multiple languages, to let the entire world know that Google were finally making a phone.

We created Phone by Google, a visual campaign that showed Google’s iconic search bar morphing into the shape of a phone—a clear, ownable way to articulate everything you love about Google, now in the palm of your hand.

Our anthem teased Pixel’s arrival, while subsequent films filled the shape with expressions of feeling and elation tied to the phone.

Rode behind a truck with an insane mechanical arm while this maniac played Evel Kneivel.

Casted to the point I’ll never hear this song the same way again.

Got hooked up to the static-electro ball and did a handbangin’ duet with the talent. ‘Twas cool.

Felt hardcore sorry for this kid when we dressed her up like March in New York during July in L.A.

Installations glowed with possibilities.

Billboards did abound.

And case studies did roll.