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2018 | Hennessy V.S | Integrated

In his day, Marshall ‘Major’ Taylor was the world’s most famous athlete. A seven-time world record holder. A global celebrity. The first African American citizen to win a world championship in any sport.

Major, Hennessy’s most successful Wild Rabbit campaign to date renews the legend of this forgotten hero and dramatizes his achievements as a relentless quest to find a true rival.

Teaser film inspired by this photo

Before the automobile, the bicycle was king.
“Wheelmen” ruled the world of sport and fans packed veledromes by the thousands to see one gladiator reign supreme.

His name was Marshall ‘Major’ Taylor.
A seven-time world record holder.
A world champion.
The Worcester Whirlwind.
The Black Cyclone.

He won everywhere he went.
The U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia.
He earned fame and forunte.
Endured trial and tribulation.

But he was still searching for one thing.

A true rival.

Black and white photography for print and retail

Limited-edition custom bicycle

Pyer Moss apparel collection

Behind-the-scenes w/Nas 

Major Taylor bust by Kadir Nelson, on permanent display at One Tower